02 September 2009

3D Tiles casting

The objective is to produce the number of tiles for a specific public place/space in the City of Amsterdam. Tiles will be put in the spot as visual markers of the place/space.


  1. Think of your favorite public place/space in the City of Amsterdam. Anything goes. It can be a restaurant, bookstore, park, swimming pool, train station etc…
  2. Bring a camera, drawing papers and tools with you to school
  3. Document the place (by taking photos, drawing or simply describing it) and think about the specific details that represent it. Analyze the space and think of a sign you would like to make for it.
  4. Think of 5-10 objects that can represent this place/space. It is important that these objects are quite small, not bigger then 10x10x10 cm. You can bring already designed objects or you can make them yourself (it can even be letters that you designed). Take into the consideration the fact that these objects are going to be pressed in clay.
  5. If you think you like it better to go to the spot and take real casts of the structures and textures of the place, take clay slaps with you and do it there (you will get the material in school)

Working process (groups of students: 2-3)

Tiles are going to be made using a technique of pressing the chosen objects into the clay.

Wooden walls are going to be built around the clay slaps in order to produce positive of the forms in plaster. After drying for one day, we will produce negatives of the same forms.

Each group can afterwards intervene into the plaster designs buy cutting, sanding and coloring the pieces.

The technique is going to be introduced to all the students in detail in the first day of the workshop.


After the 3 days we expect each group of students to come up with a comprehensive series of tiles (at least 20) which are visually representing the chosen place/space in a best way. Groups should make clear and understandable oral and visual presentations of their work to the rest of the class and their teachers and think of the possible ways of presenting the project to possible clients (manager of the restaurant, director of the swimming pool etc…)